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About Us | Lambdas@UVA | "To be leaders among men."

About Us

Lambda Phi Epsilon is the first and only internationally recognized Asian-American interest fraternity, with 58 chapters spanning the United States and Canada, and thousands of brothers. Grounded on the principles of wisdom, honor, and courage, Lambda Phi Epsilon strives to provide opportunities for young men to grow throughout their college years (and beyond) as inspirational leaders and men of morals, encouraging service to the community and academic excellence. Our fraternal traditions and time together build chapters into families, and foster strong bonds of brotherhood that will last a lifetime.

Are all Lambdas Asian?

There are brothers in chapters of Lambda Phi Epsilon all over the nation of non-Asian descent. Lambda Phi Epsilon stresses that it is an Asian-American INTEREST Fraternity, which means that anyone who is interested in our goals, both Asian and non-Asian, are encouraged to join. As Americans, we all share similar experiences and thoughts, and whether or not you understand or come from an Asian culture does not matter, so long as you are interested to learn from and interact with people who have. If you feel that you have an interest for Asian awareness or want to, come out and rush Lambda Phi Epsilon.

Why join?

Why join Lambda Phi Epsilon? Why not one of a number of Asian organizations on campus? By joining, you will enter a brotherhood that is rich in tradition and strong in its bonds. The brotherhood that a fraternity offers forms friendships that last a lifetime. Unlike many of your college friends, the bonds that you form in the fraternity last much longer than the four years you may spend in college. Many people complain about the lack of longevity that their current friendships have. Many friends turn out to be “semester” friends, whom you rarely see after your association with them is over. Lambda Phi Epsilon offers brotherhood that will endure the passage of time. If you have ever had a best friend, you will know the closeness that you feel with that particular person. The fraternity offers the opportunity to feel that way with numerous people.