Chapter History

Our charter class (2002)

Established in 2002, the University of Virginia’s Lambda Phi Epsilon chapter has over a decade of history, full of rises and falls that must accompany the pursuit of the dream that these three letters hold for brothers nation-wide. The story of our chapter begins with Mr. Yuan Ren lounging in his dormitory, thinking of a name for the Asian-American interest fraternity interest group. He settled on the name “BUYA,” an acronym for the Brotherhood of United Young Asians, a fitting description of the dream he and ten other men would come to share.

The house three years later (2005)The group picked up more and more members, and it did so across the university’s community. In a school dominated by traditions, these young men felt an urge to venture off the beaten path. Some of these men heard about the group by hearsay, others were found by chance by those already committed to bringing the Asian-American community together at UVa.

One evening late in May, Mr. Tuan Huynh and Mr. Yuan Ren gathered a handful of hopefuls as well as Mr. Charles Lota and Mr. Burita Em, members of past interest groups, in the lounge of the Tuttle Dorms. They wanted to introduce themselves to each other and understand each other not as screen names, but as ambitious individuals with a common goal. Through the course of the next few weeks, these men continued to call up members of past interest groups, including Mr. Thinh Nguyen, as well as recruit other members, among them Mr. Eugene Lee, Mr. John Lee, and Mr. Vivek Taneja.

As fall passed, these men continued on the journey towards eternal brotherhood. As Mr. Tuan Huynh was leaving a general meeting with the group, he happened upon Mr. Cheng Lu and Mr. Terry Hsiung, both old high-school friends with his roommate. The entire group spoke to the two about the fraternity interest group, its goals, and its ambitions, as the blueprint for a brotherhood that fosters appreciation of the Asian-American culture. Thoroughly convinced, they became two more additions to the foundation of Lambda Phi Epsilon at UVa.

The crossing of the Eta class (2010)

After a year of hard work and diligence, eleven men rose from the rain-battered fields of Baltimore, Maryland, on March 16th, 2002 at 6:20 A.M. in the morning. They had become brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon, leaders among men.

Two years later, the chapter successfully applied for associate status, crossing many classes in the years to come. Lambda Phi Epsilon at the University of Virginia is responsible for the founding of the school’s MGC (Multicultural Greek Council), today consisting of seven member fraternities/sororities.

In the spring of 2010, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University annex Jovian “Hole-Plugger” Ho crossed the Eta Evolution, the harbingers of a new era for the chapter. The next spring, under the direction of Brian “Last Place” Truong, brought the Theta Titans, and the next, taught by Nathan “Admiral Jackbar” Park, brought the Iota Inferno. The house has become a hub of activity and networking for brothers and members of our community alike, and is looking to increase its influence in our community to its maximum potential.

In the spring of 2014, the University of Virginia Lambda Phi Epsilon chapter, under the guidance of Alex “Yuan Crotchmon” Tran, gained active status and became Lambda Phi Epsilon’s Alpha Tau chapter. With active status, the University of Virginia Alpha Tau chapter became the second active chapter in the state of Virginia.