Kappa Class

Kappa Class Picture (2013)

Spring '13
Yutao “Ssstephen Stawking” Chen

Yutao “Ssstephen Stawking” Chen

No regrets.

  • Birthday: June 27th, 1991
  • Hometown: Centreville, VA
  • Graduation Year/Major: Spring 2014, Statistics
  • Hobbies/EC's: Popping, CSA, VSA, TSA
Dasith “Dark Kelly” Gunawardhana

Dasith “Dark Kelly” Gunawardhana

I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.

  • Birthday: October 2nd, 1993
  • Hometown: Sri Jayawardenapura, Sri Lanka
  • Graduation Year/Major: Spring 2016, Computer Science
  • Hobbies/EC's: Ultimate Frisbee, League of Legends, ISA

Eugene "Captain Juk" Cai

No tears only dreams.

A sloth I think
  • Birthday: September 17th, 1994
  • Hometown: Burke, VA
  • Graduation Year/Major: Spring 2016, Computer Science/Biochemistry
  • Hobbies: Basketball, Lifting, Video Games, Guitar
  • Current Career Field: Technology Consultant