Introducing the Omicron Olympians!

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Many weeks ago, six young men embarked on a journey that would change the path of their college careers and in turn, the rest of their lives. These men have shown their loyalty to each other and have proved that they are worthy of bearing the letters of Lambda Phi Epsilon.

Their journey was not easy, but under the tutelage of Pledge Master Glenn “Rear Admiral Lower HalF” Getty and Pledge Dad Bobby “SnakeS on A Train” Chan, they persevered and showed that they truly embody the characteristics of Lambda Men.

Today, April 1, 2016, we welcome the Omicron Olympians into our brotherhood.

Congratulations to:
#85 Jose “Taco Tuesday” Carballo
#86 Edmund “Netflixxx and Jill” Pan
#87 Michael “Forrest Dump” Wu
#88 Austin “Death by Pu-Pu” Ly
#89 Salman “Dark Magician…Girl” Guliwala
#90 Andrew “2FapTooFurious” Johnston