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News | Lambdas@UVA | "To be leaders among men."


Rush Flyer Spring 2017

SPRING 2017 RUSH: To Be Leaders

We, the brothers of the Alpha Tau Chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon, invite you to attend our Spring 2017 Rush! Come out to our many events to meet brothers and learn what it means “To Be Leaders Among Men.” Explore the vast social, philanthropic, and professional opportunities that our brotherhood has to offer. Our fraternity…


Service September Recap

We are proud to have completed 140 hours of service this past September as our big push for community service! We also have begun an effort to continue to work alongside Habitat for Humanity. During the month we were able to make significant change at the store by building large shelves and relocating items. We…


Kicking Off Service September!

The Lambda Phi Epsilon, Alpha Tau Chapter of the University of Virginia is proud to once again host another month of service packed events. We have been able to coordinate several events with a variety of organizations on grounds. We look forward to working together with organizations and to give back to the Charlottesville community!…

Anthony S. Standing in for Richard Y.

Convention 2016 Awards

Throughout the past year, we’ve all worked hard, and it paid off when we obtained awards at LFE Convention 2016! We are honored to have been given the National Chapter of Philanthropic Excellence Award. Congratulations to Jason Huang for achieving the Rising Leaders Among Men scholarship and Richard Young for achieving the Academic Achievement Scholarship!

Big-Little Pairs with Paddles

Paddles For Our Fourth Years

This weekend, little bros with graduating big bros surprised them with their very own handcrafted paddles. It was a great show of brotherhood for all. A big farewell and thank you to our graduating class of 2016! Your legacy lives on in the wisdom you pass to each new generation of brothers that enters this…


Introducing the Omicron Olympians!

Many weeks ago, six young men embarked on a journey that would change the path of their college careers and in turn, the rest of their lives. These men have shown their loyalty to each other and have proved that they are worthy of bearing the letters of Lambda Phi Epsilon. Their journey was not…

Xi installs in front of house

Presenting the Xi Zephyrs

We are proud to announce the addition of 9 strong men to the Lambda Phi Epsilon Alpha Tau chapter here at the University of Virginia! In the past few weeks, these men have displayed their leadership and we are excited for the things they will accomplish in their time here at UVA! On April 18,…

Greek Awards 2015

Greek Awards

This past year has been filled with its ups and downs, but the opportunity to get together with the other members in our Greek community to celebrate our accomplishments was truly a blessing. We are honored to be awarded with the Outstanding Chapter Award. Also, congratulations to Richard Young and Eugene Cai for receiving the…

Cville marathon 2015

SERVICE: volunteering for the Charlottesville Marathon

This past Saturday the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon Alpha Tau chapter woke up nice and early to do some service and cheer on our brother, Herbert Kwok, who was running in the race. It was a little chilly, but that did not stop us from getting the job done and having fun with it!…

Spread the Love 1

SERVICE: Spread the Love

Last week the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon Alpha Tau, in cooperation with the Asian Student Association, volunteered for Spread the Love! Everyone needs to feel loved and, with Valentines Day this past weekend, we saw a great opportunity to spread some of our Lambda love. On February 10th and 11th we came together to…