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News | Lambdas@UVA | "To be leaders among men."


What we’ve been up to!

We had a great fundraiser selling fried dumplings last Wednesday! Our “Taste of Lambda” event was a huge success, and we sold clean out of dumplings. Thanks to friends and strangers alike for stopping by to sample our house’s cooking skills…which we know for a fact are fantastic. On another note, Congratulations to 4 of…

Stepping, Chong Kim, and Yul Kwon

Our active house brought Yul Kwon, famed Theta Chapter alumni and winner of Survivor, out to speak about APA involvement in our communities at the university and beyond. It’s definitely one of the highlights of this year; we enjoyed every second we had to get to know Mr. Kwon. We also came out in force…

A busy week! [Recap,10/14-10/21]

A week ago, we entertained our alumni for alumni weekend! Charters Vivek “Kick My Dog” Taneja and Yuan “Shakira” Ren, Alpha Kevin “Pho Foot Tall” Nguyen, and Delta Andrew “Minindian” Jagnarian managed to come down for weekend festivities, reminiscing on their college days with a tailgate & football game (tickets courtesy of the active house)…

Frisbee Tournament!

While we were not able to throw our own tournament, we participated in our local VSA’s charity frisbee tournament! We took home 3rd place after a long day; props to the 9 bros that were on our team. From left to right: Thomas Antony, Mike Kim, Shamal Lord, Tyler Del Rosario, Doug Mao, Elvin Lee,…

JA Retreat

Our neo class, the Iota Inferno, made a trip down to VCU for the Southeast regional Junior Active (JA) retreat! With some older brothers tagging along, it was great to see old and new friends alike, including the brothers of Duke, UGA, Hopkins, VTech, JMU, VCU, PSU, and CUNY Baruch. It was also a treat…

Service: “Walk to the End”!

Today, early in the morning, our active house made a trip downtown to do volunteer work for the annual “Walk to the End” Alzheimer’s walk. It was a small part of our day, but we’re glad we had the chance to step up, take a break from school, and do some good for our community.


To the new website of LPhiE @ UVa! With re-vamped functionalities & content, we are glad to bring you the new digital face of our chapter. We hope the information disseminated here is both interesting & useful to you, as a prospective rushee, or just someone trying to find out more about our chapter.

ViVA 2012 Gone Live!

UVA LAMBDA PHI EPSILON IS PROUD TO BRING YOU ViVA, OUR SUMMER 2012 EVENT, JULY 6TH-8TH —————————————————- The much anticipated event of the summer is just around the corner! This summer, the University of Virginia Associate Chapter of LPhiE is hosting our first ever ViVA regional event. Take the weekend of July 6th to 8th…

Academic Excellence Scholarship

At this year’s national convention, one of our active brothers, #43 Mike “Cheez-Whiz” Kim (Spring ’10), was recognized for winning the Academic Excellence scholarship. The scholarship is given out to recognize brothers who exemplify the highest standards of academic achievement and serve as a helping hand for others. He is a chemistry major and currently…

New Member Orientation @ MGC

Yesterday, our neos attended the mandatory New Member Orientation for presentations by each member group and a potluck afterwards. We offered a step routine after a brief Powerpoint, and brought dumplings, fried rice, and eggrolls to the potluck. Brothers Mike Kim, Alex Brooks, Tyler Del Rosario, Jon Park, and Bryan Cheong stepping.