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News | Lambdas@UVA | "To be leaders among men."


Volunteering with MGC

Last week, six brothers from the University of Virginia Lambda Phi Epsilon chapter participated in a service event, organized by the executive board of the MGC, the Multicultural Greek Council.  Sisters from alpha Kappa Delta Phi and sisters from Sigma Psi Zeta, the two Asian-interest sororities of UVA also came out and participated alongside the…

March 16th

Today marks the anniversary of the founding of the University of Virginia Associate Chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity. Almost a decade ago, eleven dedicated men came together and established this brotherhood here at UVA. Their efforts were not in vain as the chapter turns 9 years old, today. Happy Founders’ Day, brothers.

Lambda Phi Epsilon Japan Disaster Relief Fund

Please donate to help Japan in their darkest hour. Let us take urgent action and show them that they are not alone. Let us unite as one brotherhood and contribute to the great cause. https://www.wepay.com/donate/53065

Service Project @ Ronald McDonald

Earlier today, the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon lent a helping hand to the Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville.  It was a beautiful day outside and the brothers aided with some of the yard work that needed to be done around the house.  Most of the brothers helped carry and spread mulch around the backyard…

MGC Mixer Dinner

This past Thursday night, the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon ate a late supper with the ladies of alpha Kappa Delta Phi.  The MGC Mixer was held at the local IHOP and the majority of both chapters attended.  Although it was late at night, it was a good chance for the Greeks to  wind down…

Greek Philanthropy Dinner

Wednesday night, Nathan “Admiral Jackbar” Park and Brian “Last Place” Truong, the chapter President and Service Chair (respectively) attended the Student Council Public Service Committee- sponsored “Greek Philanthropy Dinner.”  There, Nathan and Brian were able to meet and mingle with various members of fraternities and sororities from all of the different Greek Councils on Grounds….

Rush Spring 2011!

Hey! Hope everybody is having a terrific winter break! We just uploaded the Spring rush schedule under the “Rush” tab, go take a look! As break is winding down and school is starting up again, be sure to check out our events as they are FREE and give you a great opportunity to meet all…

Volunteering with Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House of Charlottesville is the result of community concern for out-of-town low-income families who have children as patients in Charlottesville’s hospitals.  The House was established to provide lodging and care while the families acquire treatment for their children.  It thrives through involvement by members of the community, student volunteers, and local organizations….

MGC Election Results

The elections were this past Sunday and there were many worthy candidates for every position.  Five LPhiE brothers ran for potential positions and three succeeded.  Congratulations to Frankie “D.D.” Zhai, Nathan “Admiral Jackbar” Park, and Michael “Cheez-Whiz” Kim for being elected as MGC President, MGC Vice President, and MGC IGC Representative, respectively.  This is an…

Volunteering with UVA Sustainability

The UVA Sustainability team has about six people who sort the normal amount of recycling that filters through UVA.  However, after home football games, the amount of recycled waste increases exponentially.  The help of volunteers drastically relieves the amount of time and stress placed on the Sustainability team.  Some members of LPhiE decided to help…