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MGC Picnic

At the end of MGC Week last week, the Multicultural Greek Council and its members got together for some bonding over food and games on the University lawn.  It was a beautiful day outside for a picnic and MGC socialized, ate, and played a fun game of Trainwreck, a sort of icebreaker.  The Eta class…

Cello bit @ MGC Open Mic

It’s MGC Week and last night was Open Mic Night in Tuttle Lounge.  There were various enjoyable performances, including Sigma Psi Zeta Stroll, LTA Salute, among others. Representing LPhiE, President Nathan “Admiral Jackbar” Park put together a short piece of brilliant music played on his cello.

UVa Lambdas Represented

Joshua “Wiidle” Kim made a trip to Midlothian, Virginia to represent UVa Lambda Phi Epsilon in the Virginia Commonwealth University alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s annual Pink Ribbon Roll Off.  It was a bowling tournament to raise donations and awareness for the fight against breast cancer.  Wiidle and his VCU LPhiE teammates, David “Seoulja” Choi and…

Brotherhood Day Trip

Some brothers from Virginia Commonwealth University and Alumni from the University of Virginia were visiting the active brothers of UVa, so the group decided to take a nice, spontaneous day trip to see the view off of the mountain of Skyline Drive.  It was rather chilly that day, but the brothers made the most of…

MGC Canned Food Drive

Since Lambda Phi Epsilon is a part of the Multicultural Greek Council,  we are participating in MGC week’s Canned Food Drive!  The Food  drive is now until November 19th (different from the picture).  We  encourage students to participate and to donate non-perishables in  the boxes located throughout Grounds.  Ours is in the Lambeth  commons.  Other…


We took part in the CSA full-moon-fest last friday! Our table featured a jelly bean game in which people tried to move as many jelly beans from one plate to another as fast as they can.

JA Retreat

The Eta class went to the JA Retreat at Johns Hopkins University this past weekend and most stayed for the Z-Bash Celebration. It was a good time to meet and to get to know other brothers.

Weekend Road Trip

This past weekend, some UVA bros went up for a road trip to Carnegie Mellon University (Alpha Mu Chapter) in Pittsburgh, PA.  They got a chance to meet and hang out with a diverse set of brothers and see the beautiful city and campus that is Pittsburgh and CMU.

Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk 2010

This past Saturday, Etas clocked in hours volunteering at the local Walk to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s Disease.  All seven were present and working hard helping the volunteer coordinator set up in preparation for the walk.  Pictures in the gallery. -VP Service