SERVICE: A Week in the Life

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Last week the brothers of Lambda Phi Epsilon Alpha Tau chapter had a service-filled week named A Week in the Life! Over the course of the week, service events including a charity poker night, volunteering at SPCA, volunteering at New Haven, and cleaning up streets that we have adopted!

Friday the 24th kicked off the beginning of A Week in the Life!
Friday’s poker charity night had 25 contestants competing for first place in a poker tournament while supporting charity. All proceeds from the tournament went to the Blueridge Area Food Bank. Everyone had a lot of fun playing poker and supporting a good cause!
Congratulations for Wei Lin for getting first place and Luke Kim for getting second place. Nice playing!

Saturday the 25th was the volunteering at the Charlottesville SPCA, which stands for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The brothers showed up ready to work and do whatever needed to be done to keep the SPCA working in tip-top shape!

Monday the 27th was the volunteering at New Haven. The Haven is an organization that works to end homelessness by providing a centralized location for resource providers, a commercial kitchen, a day haven, a community garden, and a cultural and arts space in downtown Charlottesville. The brothers volunteered at the community garden to prepare it for the winter. We picked weeds, sifted through produce, and other similar jobs.

Tuesday the 28th was the adopt a street cleanup! The Alpha Tau chapter had adopted a street earlier this semester and the Multicultural Greek Council had also adopted a street. As the owner’s of the street, we had a duty to make sure there was no trash laying on the ground and that the street was nice and orderly!

Thank you everyone who came out to support us during the week! We hope you all had a lot of fun, because we know we sure did!